Study Hangout (9th May 2019) for Charlotte Cotton’s (2015) Introductory Essay to ‘Photography is Magic’

Today (May 9th 2019), I attended a study hangout with the photography reading group. We discussed Charlotte Cotton’s (2015) introductory essay to Photography is Magic. I had read the essay before so was familiar with it but reread it specifically for the study hangout and this is my preparation before the hangout commenced: Cotton likens photography … Continue reading Study Hangout (9th May 2019) for Charlotte Cotton’s (2015) Introductory Essay to ‘Photography is Magic’

The Last Photograph for Assignment 1 – Body of Work

Photograph 17 - Assignment 1 - Gentrification in Deptford

The last photograph for Assignment 1 - Body of Work was inspired by Mari Mahr and Noémie Goudal. I have looked at the work of Mari Mahr previously in Contextual Studies and I was appreciative of how realistically the object placed in front of the printed photograph looked, with just the slightest clue from shadows presumably deliberately placed alluding to the fact it was a fabrication of reality.

Constructed Photography versus Non-constructed or ‘Straight Photography’

A Rough Sketch With Annotations Showing How in My Eyes Constructed Photography Differs From Straight Photography

I was inspired unusually by a video game to make this post which I suppose had been in the back of my head for a while now. In the game Kingdom Hearts III (2019), there is a photography mini-game involving photographing Mickey Mouse emblems. Most of them are against surfaces and are just hard to find. However, one is made up of 3 different circles on 3 different planes that wouldn’t make sense unless viewed from the right perspective. Of course I had come across Georges Rousse before whose work is very similar in execution of this concept but it also made me think of normal or ‘straight' photography. Here, differing subjects are brought together through juxtapositions to form interesting photographs.

Study Hangout 21st February 2019 for Vilém Flusser’s (1983): Towards a Philosophy of Photography

© Stephen Gill (2010) - Outside In

I attended a Study Hangout on 21st February 2019 with some of my fellow students specifically about Vilém Flusser’s (1983) book: Towards a Philosophy of Photography. I found I came away with lots of thoughts and inspirations. In the study hangout we quickly identified that the distinction between redundant and informative images was one of the key parts to Flusser’s philosophy.