WIP #5

Horizontal Diptych of Composites in the Same Location

This was an experiment I had been meaning to try out for some time but just hadn’t got around to. It again comprises of arranging people within the scene but this time relies on the relationship with another composite from the same location. My aim when making this composite is to have the people moving through the scene frozen at the same points other people were photographed in the other composite.

WIP #4

WIP - 51º28'45.334"N 0º1'22.217"W, November 2019 - Attention Paid to Central Grouping of People in the Composition

I went out on this occasion to experiment some more with the placement of people in the scene, making up each composite. I have had some inspiration for this topic when I was reading up on an artist who has inspired me to make composites called Chris Dorley-Brown.