Reflection on the Images for Assignment 1 – Body of Work

Nearly all the images I’ve produced for Assignment 1 have been what I would term ‘straight' photography. I feel that I found melding the theory and practice parts of my 2 modules (Contextual Studies and Body of Work respectively) difficult at first. Although I was producing images for my Body of Work they felt somewhat … Continue reading Reflection on the Images for Assignment 1 – Body of Work

Assignment 1 – Body of Work – Gentrification in Deptford

Photograph 17 - Assignment 1 - Gentrification in Deptford

This collection of mainly ‘straight’ photography has all been photographed in my local area of Deptford. Drawing on influences from the likes of Chris Dorley-Brown and Zed Nelson who have photographed East London, I have decided to document my area. This area shares distinct traces of gentrification which I have photographed and put together in a series. The series is intended to be viewed in order (read from top to bottom on this blog). The last photograph strays away from the concept of ‘straight’ photography and instead plays with photography and reality and was influenced in large part by Noémie Goudal.