Study Hangout 04/04/2020

The study hangout I attended on 04/04/2020 was directly aimed at addressing ways to keep up momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as coming away with inspiration for coping during these times, I found the discussion really useful with regards to how I think about art in general. This was a very welcome bonus and I’m pleased I attended the session.

L3 Study Hangout – 16/12/2019

On the 16th December 2019, I attended a Level 3 specific study hangout aimed at showing how theory and practice sides of Level 3 are integrated by building upon what we had learnt in the first study hangout on 24th October 2019. The focus this time was sharing our particular case studies for our projects along with what we think are our grand narratives to the rest of the group.

Study Hangout (9th May 2019) for Charlotte Cotton’s (2015) Introductory Essay to ‘Photography is Magic’

Today (May 9th 2019), I attended a study hangout with the photography reading group. We discussed Charlotte Cotton’s (2015) introductory essay to Photography is Magic. I had read the essay before so was familiar with it but reread it specifically for the study hangout and this is my preparation before the hangout commenced: Cotton likens photography … Continue reading Study Hangout (9th May 2019) for Charlotte Cotton’s (2015) Introductory Essay to ‘Photography is Magic’

Study Hangout 21st February 2019 for Vilém Flusser’s (1983): Towards a Philosophy of Photography

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I attended a Study Hangout on 21st February 2019 with some of my fellow students specifically about Vilém Flusser’s (1983) book: Towards a Philosophy of Photography. I found I came away with lots of thoughts and inspirations. In the study hangout we quickly identified that the distinction between redundant and informative images was one of the key parts to Flusser’s philosophy.