Pointers for Presentation of My Project on a Gallery Wall or Site-Specific Installation

I have been asked to consider how I might present my body of work to a public audience. I’ve already decided a large photo book is an appropriate, tangible and mobile method for displaying my work to a public audience. However, I have collated my thoughts on how else I might present my body of work, namely in a gallery space or a site-specific installation.

Pointers for Presentation of My Project in Book Format

Making a photo book is a primary consideration for me going into Sustaining Your Practice. Not only would a photo book be a good way to show off the work, it would also be an efficient method for presenting the work to galleries etc for their perusal. In this regard, it would be prudent to take care over the layout and design of the photo book as people and galleries may be viewing it. Also it would be satisfying to have a photo book I am proud of after all the work that’s gone into Reconstructing Deptford.

My Dual Purpose for Visiting Deutsche Börse 2020 at The Photographers’ Gallery on 16/09/2020

On the 16/09/2020 I visited the Photographer’s Gallery to see the 4 sets of work nominated for the Deutsche Börse prize 2020 and I went there with a dual purpose. The first purpose was to look at the work from an artistic perspective and try to decide which of the four nominations was my favourite. The second purpose was more practical and involved looking at how the exhibition was put together and paying attention to details like the framing and layout of the four selected works.

Defending My Work – Are Composites Deceptive or Artistic?

The Body of Work module I am studying asks me to defend my work now I am close to finishing it. Probably the aspect of my work I feel it will be most likely necessary to defend is the use of composites to paint a picture of Deptford. That is because while I believe them to depict a Deptford that is changing it is still an artistic vision and needs to be portrayed in this way.