Testing Myself Against the Assessment Criteria for Body of Work as a Whole

Here, I have written down how I feel I have satisfied the assessment criteria for Body of Work overall.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

I have used a composite technique in my images, taking advantage of layers and layer masks within Photoshop to create these composites. I used the composites to show how I perceive Deptford’s character, with people and their interaction with their surrounding landscape being a key consideration. I also employed juxtaposition of elements within each frame as another facet of my project. Although most of my experimentation was digital rather than material, I feel I have shown skill through attention to detail in the composite-making. This is both in the field and later in the editing and processing stages.

Quality of outcome:

I feel my images reward repeat-viewing, both standalone and with the accompanying poems. The consistent lighting and spacing of people within the composites help to form a cohesive set. I have displayed my images on my portfolio website with the poems in a way that shows off the detail in the images while still giving prominence to the poems. I have communicated my thoughts better as I’ve gone through Body of Work, in particular with the addition of a ‘Work in Progress‘ set of blog posts. Lastly on quality of outcome, I think I’ve shown discernment by using text as a diegesis with the images to offer insight into my feelings for the changes taking place in Deptford.

Demonstration of creativity:

I experimented with both the creation of composites and using repeat photography in order to show change. Even though I didn’t end up using repeat photography in my final submission, I learnt a lot from the process and I ended up with more images to choose from in the final edit. I feel the combination of my composite approach to making this project, the deliberate use of overcast lighting and the ‘grand’ viewpoints demonstrate not only a consistent style but the development of a personal voice.


I have researched artists like Chris Dorley-Brown, Yan Preston and Alexander Gronsky to help inform my Body of Work. As well as this, I have reflected on how my project has been progressing after each assignment and tutor report. From this I have been able to develop my work further. Lastly, I have thought critically with regards to how I perceive my work and how others might perceive it, most notably in Coursework Part 4.

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