Navigating My Blog for Body of Work and Looking at Ways I’ve Achieved Learning Outcomes

My blog for Body of Work is a place where I’ve documented experimenting and developing my creative practice, using theory to inform this process. In this post I describe ways to effectively navigate this blog as well as attaching a document outlining ways I believe I’ve achieved the Learning Outcomes.

Navigating my blog:

‘Home’ displays the full list of blog posts I’ve made for Body of Work from latest to earliest by scrolling downwards.

The ‘Assignment’ tabs are pretty self-explanatory but please note there are sub-headings for Work Leading up to Assignments, my tutor reports and other work relevant to the assignments.

‘Coursework’ is where I’ve documented my learning from the course, separated in subheadings by the relevant parts of the course. Note that the assignments and coursework numbers don’t match up as there were two assignments for the first part of the course.

‘Learning Log’ is a place for the more independent learning I’ve undertaken including ‘Researching Artists’ and ‘Books’ (which are part of my Contextual Studies blog). Note that it is always possible to get back to Body of Work from these links by clicking on the link ‘Body of Work’ on the right of that blog.

Also present under ‘Learning Log’ are ‘Study Visits’, ‘Study Hangouts’, ‘Study Hangouts Informing Both Body of Work and Contextual Studies’ and ‘Work in Progress’. I feel my Work in Progress posts are important in showing the development of my project and the thinking behind my composite images.

Lastly with regards to navigating the blog, there is a search bar for specific words and I have tagged each post with relevant tags which are displayed along the right of the blog. There are also often links to other, relevant posts within each post. Some of these link to Contextual Studies posts but it is always possible to go back to Body of Work from Contextual Studies by clicking on the link ‘Body of Work’ on the right of that blog.

Achieving Learning Outcomes:

I have attached below a document outlining the most salient posts I’ve produced for Body of Work, which I feel reflect the Learning Outcomes.

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