Self-assessment for Assignment 5

In this self-assessment for Assignment 5 I will evaluate how I feel my work produced for the assignment holds up against the following 4 criteria for assessment: Demonstration of technical and visual skills, Quality of outcome, Demonstration of creativity and Context.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

In designing my online portfolio as a way of presenting my body of work, I tried to use a clean, minimalist aesthetic to accentuate the images I’d produced. At the same time I made apparent the link between image and poem I had established in the Showing Not Telling part of the course. Designing the online portfolio tested a different set of design skills including awareness of layout, formatting and ease of navigation.

Quality of outcome:

The main area of discernment I showed for Assignment 5 was in the editing process for my final selection of images. As can be seen in Assignment 4, there was a stage where I was experimenting with diptychs of the same locations. However, in the end I chose to present the images not as diptychs but rather as single images. I think displaying the images singularly allows the images to stand out and the work is presented in a more coherent way as a result. I used my family and friends’ help to choose which image was preferable for each location and communicated this process in this post.

Demonstration of creativity:

I listened to my tutor’s suggestion to experiment with the reflections present in some of the images. Here, I pointed the viewer to the fact that the images were constructed composites by making the reflections different to how they would appear in a straight photograph. I experimented with this in two ways: omitting the reflections altogether and mismatching the reflections. I feel subtly directing the viewer’s attention in this way was quite inventive. I documented this process and described which approach I preferred in this post. I also experimented with the layer masks I’d created in making the composites in WiP #11 and WiP #12. I have offered the viewer an insight into my composite process behind the images.


I visited the Photographers’ Gallery to see the nominations for the Deutsche Börse Prize 2020. As well as looking at the artists’ work, I made notes on the way the work was presented in a gallery setting as seen in this post. This allowed me to think of how I myself might present my work in a gallery setting. Similarly, I looked at Alessandra Sanguinetti’s book The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Illusion of an Everlasting Summer for pointers for presentation of my project in book format. I made notes on her book and noted the way the images took prominence in the book as seen in this post. I have aimed to be critical in my thinking in the work leading up to Assignment 5. One post: Defending My Work – Are Composites Deceptive or Artistic? I would say questions critically my work and how it fits within an art context.

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