Assignment 5 – Body of Work

I am presenting my final portfolio of images alongside poems in an online portfolio. The relevant link for my body of work Reconstructing Deptford can be found here: As well as this I have written an introduction to accompany the project and an evaluation of my body of work module.

Details of how I how I created the online portfolio and decisions I made to regarding presentation of the project can be found in this post.

I have made some editing choices since completing Assignment 4 – Body of Work, mainly this consists of picking one half of each diptych for the final selection. I feel this makes the body of work stronger as the single images stand out more than the diptychs where they are paired up.

For the sake of showing I have moved on from the diptych approach on my blog, I have also inserted into this post the single images and poems. I would say though that the project displays better in my online portfolio. There, attention has been paid to making the images prominent while still clearly showing the link between image and poem.

I also feel it is worth noting that I am presenting the project in an online portfolio for now. In the future for the Sustaining Your Practice module, I hope to present it in book format, which I have begun thinking about in this post.

(Re)constructing Deptford I

Around here were the docks

Not any kind of docks but royal ones

Thankfully we still have some remnant of them

If only in the boating that still goes on

Recreational reminders of my patch’s legacy

Behind me’s where all the new planning began

Looming up from unregulated permits for development

Mismatched Reflections I

Development has ripped up my foundations

I’m sure it’s all for the best

Although all for the best for who?

They build upon me every day

In time for the new unveiling

I’m sure I used to be a park

But my memory isn’t that good now, understandably

Reconstructing Deptford III

Over many months my passers-by have inscribed messages

I’ve seen them tag words and images in my side

Though I feel little as the years have rolled by

I’ve noticed less vehicles opposite where I stand

And the new-builds behind me show nothing of the past

Standing still, I feel I am a last relic

And just a wall at that

Reconstructing Deptford IV

Many a pint’s been downed within my walls

Just like the memories as my my business declined

Not by will of my owners, I’ll wager

More likely just a sign of changing times

Now most of the interest goes to my surroundings

And I wonder how I will fit in with their look

Or if I will fit in the long run at all

Mismatched Reflections III

I’ve been stationed at the top of the high street for a while

I moved moorings a bit a few years back but not very much

In my glorified naval days, I used to hold fast real ships

But that was ages ago

Now my view stays the same

Except for the erection of towering flats

Or the shops beside me changing hands

Reconstructing Deptford VI

Much custom used to come through my doors

People from the past getting their pictures framed

But the irony isn’t lost on me

Now I make for a pretty picture myself

As I become more and more dilapidated

With the new flats and park on either side

I might soon be seen in a different context

Reconstructing Deptford VII

I live in a rough part of town

Or at least it used to be

People pass by me daily

All different types and creeds

New people are becoming more common

Rest assured, those round the corner

They’re safe under lock and key

Mismatched Reflections IV

First they built the train system

Carving right through me

Connecting me far and wide

Then they built the galleries

They show my changing face

Both inside and out

Connecting people far and wide

Mismatched Reflections II

You should have seen me a few years ago!

I, the station and my friends, the arches

In a way those were the good old days

With all the old characters present and correct

Now the old guard’s changing

Bringing in fresh, gentrified customers

Brought about in part by my infrastructure

Reconstructing Deptford X

I’m the Yard and I’m new!

You can find me just off the high street

But I’m not much like the high street

There was a sign above my head from before

But even that’s been covered up

Now I’ve got a festival once a year

And I take pride of place in my town

Reconstructing Deptford XI

On the surface I’m just another part of town

The seasons come and go as do the people

But I’ve retained my character through the changes

Can the same be said for my neighbours?

The trains have surely brought in new faces

And it’s a far cry from when I was renovated

In all though I remain hopeful for my sustained future

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