Tutor Report for Assignment 4 – Body of Work

I have attached below my tutor report for Assignment 4 – Body of Work. As well as this I have written down my reflections on my tutor’s feedback following our video tutorial for Assignment 4. I feel I have addressed most of my tutor’s feedback since the video tutorial, which has allowed me to present well a body of work comprising single images and their corresponding poems in an online portfolio.

In the tutor report for Assignment 4, my tutor asked me to put my 2 pitches I presented to him for how I might use text in my project on my blog. I did so in this post because it helped share with others what my thinking was concerning how I see text interacting with images in my project. In doing so, I also cleared up in my head which approach I favoured.

Leaving the diptych/grids behind for this project was initially a hard decision for me but ultimately I feel it was the right one. I think in hindsight my tutor was correct that my images work better singularly. Further to this, looking back, I think most of the diptychs’ halves were too similar to their other half to show appreciable change.

In the end, I have used one image from each location so that only one half of each diptych was presented in my final selection. I did try experimenting with using images from the same location spread across the series. I did this using Adobe Lightroom’s Book feature so I could see how it might be laid out. Eventually, because I felt the layout of the book was too confusing for the viewer, I decided it was best to omit one half of each diptych. Now I feel, despite there being less volume to my project, it is a stronger body of work as a result.

I also would say my tutor’s suggestion that WiP #10, while conceptually interesting, was more appropriate for a different, following project. I can see now how this image doesn’t belong within my current body of work because it introduces new concepts which could make for another project. I have pushed the image I produced for WiP #10 to one side for now and I aim to return to it at a later date.

The main aim of my poems forming a diegesis with my images were to offer insight into how I perceive the changes in Deptford, by anthropomorphising the buildings. I feel I have succeeded in one regard: by making the poems anthropomorphic as my tutor’s comments in the tutor report would suggest. Judging from the few people I have shown the poems to, they do additionally seem to offer insight into my feelings for a transitioning town. However, showing the poems to more people to see if they too get insight into the changes through my poems is something I could definitely still work on.

In the video tutorial, my tutor commented how the use of reflections in my images could point to a composite construction. I have responded to this feedback by creating 3 versions of all the images which feature reflections and I have chosen my preferred version for my presentation of the images. I documented my creations in Photoshop of these different versions and my reasoning for choosing one approach over the others in this post.

I have created an online portfolio, inside which is my project Reconstructing Deptford under the ‘Projects’ tab. Here, I have endeavoured to present my body of work as well as I could, paying attention to making the images stand out. As well as this I have made the corresponding poems in line with the images and laid out the project so this link is clear. My description of the efforts I put into presenting my body of work in an online portfolio can be found here. As per my tutor report for Assignment 4, this was agreed the best way to present the work for now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have also made a post detailing my thoughts for how I might go about presenting my body of work for the Sustaining Your Practice module as a book.

I have continued to involve myself in study hangouts and I attended alone a self-invoked study visit to the Photographers’ Gallery in order to carry out an exercise for the Coursework.

Lastly, I have updated my blog so it is easier to find the wider research I’ve conducted via additional tabs under the ‘Learning Log’ tab.

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