Pointers for Presentation of My Project in Book Format

Making a photo book is a primary consideration for me going into Sustaining Your Practice. Not only would a photo book be a good way to show off the work, it would also be an efficient method for presenting the work to galleries etc for their perusal. In this regard, it would be prudent to take care over the layout and design of the photo book as people and galleries may be viewing it. Also it would be satisfying to have a photo book I am proud of after all the work that’s gone into Reconstructing Deptford.

In the past I have created photo books via online publishers and at first I was quite pleased with the results. In retrospect more attention could have been given to the front covers, the placement of the photographs and any text, as well as their relationship to one another. My tutor has commented that it is important to draft the photo book physically to start with and I would agree this is a sensible step to take. Rather than design the photo book all online as I have in the past, I could take the steps of making a physical photo book as a draft for layout purposes. Here, I could play around with text and photo placement as this is more apparent in physical form than on a screen. Then I could design the photo book based on this draft book with a more sophisticated design software like Adobe Indesign. Finally, I could upload the photo book as a PDF to printers that support PDF uploads to get it printed.

I do think the photo book will work best as a manufactured photo book rather than a handmade one because of the nature of the work. If the work had been more personal or introspective I might have considered making a handmade book as the final form of the project. However, even though the poems make the project more about me by giving an insight into my thoughts and feelings about Deptford, I feel ultimately that the work suits a more polished finish to fit in with the images.

I have looked at Alessandra Sanguinetti’s photo book The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Illusion of an Everlasting Summer (which is the sequel to the book my course asks me to look at) since I couldn’t find online any examples of The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their Dreams. This sequel followed on from what occurred in the first photo book by Alessandra Sanguinetti anyway so I thought this would be a good substitute for me to look at. I found (judging from the pictures of the photo book online) that the photo book was wonderfully produced with the images taking centre stage and being supported nicely but unobtrusively by the introductory text. The photos themselves were intriguing as they portrayed the two cousins growing up.

There was a strong narrative evident in The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Illusion of an Everlasting Summer. The images led on from one to another so that a story was being told and the introductory text complimented this. In contrast, I would say there is little narrative across my images, rather the narrative goes back and forth between each image and its corresponding poem. Therefore, I would argue with my photo book, a different design than The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Illusion of an Everlasting Summerwould be appropriate to compliment my images and poems. I would say The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Illusion of an Everlasting Summer worked because the image and text told a story in a linear fashion across the pages. With my project, the images and poems are almost standalone with consistency tying the series together. In light of this I could see a consistently laid out book working best, although making a physical mock version first is a good idea to be sure. It would still be paramount though, like with Alessandra Sanguinetti’s photo book, for the images to be shown to their full potential.


MACK (2020) The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Illusion of an Everlasting Summer. At: https://mackbooks.co.uk/products/the-adventures-of-guille-and-belinda-and-the-illusion-of-an-everlasting-summer-br-alessandra-sanguinetti (Accessed 24/10/2020).

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