Pitches for the Two Ways I’ve Tried to Use Text with My Images

Following on from my tutorial with my tutor regarding Assignment 4 – Body of Work, I have listened to my tutor and I’m posting here my two pitches for text used as anchorage (the coordinates on a map) and relay (the anthropomorphic poems) with my images respectively.

Text as anchorage – coordinates:

‘The coordinates I’ve associated with the diptychs are a kind of code for the viewer. It invites the viewer to look at the diptychs in a different way, without telling them how to view them. The coordinates fit in with the apparent objective nature of the images. As such I feel they are a succinct way of titling the diptychs without detracting from the images. If the viewer accepts the invitation and does further research into the coordinates, more supporting evidence will be available to inform the viewer about the coordinates’ locations. One way I’ve imagined integrating the coordinates is potentially holding photowalks/talks exploring some of the coordinates with a handout of a map for Sustaining Your Practice module.’

Text as relay – poems:

‘Poems make the text much more prominent within the body of work, forming a diegesis when combined with the diptychs. They function differently to the maps because they work as relay, with the effect that the viewer might gaze back and forth between poem and image, using the poem to make sense of the images and vice versa. The viewer gets much more information about the images from the poems, without being told explicitly how to read them. I feel, through personification, another layer is added to the diegesis where the viewer can infer the I have a perceived relationship with the changing buildings represented in the images. This is done by assuming the role of the buildings, seeing the world through ‘their’ eyes and opening the viewer’s eyes to what I’ve noticed that others might not in the process. In this regard I think the gaze of the viewer is tertiary: by looking at the poems and images together that I created and then through the eyes of the buildings as I’ve noticed them.’

This experience of pitching my approaches to my tutor was informative for me because it made me think about which method worked best. Also it would be useful going forwards with presenting my work to others.

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