Showing Not Telling – Poetry and Image Forming a Diegesis

Following on from Showing Not Telling – Text and Image to Form Diegesis , I’ve been inspired to make 9 more poems for the remaining diptychs. In my opinion text has been used in a totally different way (relay as opposed to anchorage) to inform the images.

I’m not currently sure which method I prefer for forming my diegesis; both approaches have their positives and negative sides in my eyes. With the map-based titling approach, the anchorage text (coordinates pointing to a map) is succinct and invites the viewer to conduct further research into the locations. However, the immediacy of clicking on a link to explore these coordinates in Google Street View (as can be seen in Showing Not Telling Using Google Maps/Street View) is lost when transposed into a book or exhibition.

The poems reveal more to the viewer about my feelings to the places I’ve depicted in the images, through the use of personification of these places. However, they take up a lot more space and so might not be transposed into a photo book so easily.

I’ve inserted the poems below for the viewer to make up their mind.

51º29'2.639N 0º1'23.107W copy

DSC_6584-2-2 copy


DSC_0116-Edit2-2 copy


51º28'45.969N 0º1'0.459W-3

DSC_3883-Edit2-2 copy

51º28'42.228N 0º1'36.971W copy

DSC_6123-Edit2-2 copy


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