Self-assessment for Assignment 4

In this self-assessment for Assignment 4 I will evaluate how I feel my work produced for the assignment holds up against the following 4 criteria for assessment: Demonstration of technical and visual skills, Quality of outcome, Demonstration of creativity and Context.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

I’ve continued to use straight photography, although also incorporating the use of composites. I experimented with this in Assignment 3 and came up with a process via experimentation where the composite use was more pertinent and I feel adds meaning to the work. This technique where I place people in the composites functions across a diptych so Assignment 4 is a progression from Assignment 3 where I started making diptychs with this intention in mind. To make the diptychs I had to use precise visual awareness and compositional skills so that the diptychs are immersive for the viewer when comparing their various aspects.

Quality of outcome:

I’ve communicated my ideas in both my Work in Progress posts and my Showing Not Telling posts to form a tight body of work. I am not sure whether I will go on to make grids for each location or leave them as diptychs but this is something I aim to discuss with my tutor. I had to apply all my Photoshop skills in creating the diptychs, particularly the composite aspect, where painstaking attention was required in some cases to make the people appear realistically inserted into their environments. Also, editing the original images down to candidates for the final composites required attention too. I feel I’ve presented the work in a coherent way in my Assignment 4 post.

Demonstration of creativity:

I feel that I have been creative in this assignment. Firstly, I have developed my personal voice through making the diptychs. My photography I think reflects something of myself; I have been fascinated by the medium of photography since starting using it and my subversion of the decisive moment is an interrogation of the medium. Also my body of work so far reveals I am quite a systematic person and I like trying to find order even in chaos. Secondly, I feel I have been creative in WiP #10. Through my contextual studies informing my body of work with the post Gill Golding, I developed an idea and carried out this idea. My concept panned out quite similarly to how I imagined it which isn’t that usual in my experience of photography. I experimented nevertheless with the post processing of my imagery; attempting to make my imagery appearing on the hoardings look more realistic. I aim to complete a second half to this diptych and I feel it will help develop my personal voice further. This is because it reveals something of my imagination and preoccupation with the image world.


For me, initially I started my WiP’s for the work leading up to Assignment 4 in quite a wandering, contemplative way. I think I was trying to understand where my project was going. However, towards the end of my WiP’s for the work leading up to Assignment 4, I started to be more authoritative in my voice in both the WiP’s and especially the coursework Showing Not Telling. I conducted a lot of research and critical thinking into how text and image can be used together effectively. I therefore arrived at what I feel are two compelling ways to present my body of work. I aim to discuss which of these works best with my tutor and try to decide which approach is most appropriate for my eventual format of presentation.


Golding, G. (s.d.) Welcome to the Fake. At: (Accessed 09/04/2020).

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