Reflection on Assignment 4

I have produced a tight series of diptychs for my fourth Assignment for Body of Work. I feel the images work best as standalone diptych. The series of diptychs make a cohesive whole with two clear themes present. The first theme is change in Deptford and touches upon the regeneration going on there. As I’ve discovered, this change is symptomatic of change in many other places in London and wider elsewhere and so speaks for change in a larger scheme of things. The second theme is deconstructing the decisive moment through the use of composites within the diptychs. I experimented with this theme during Assignment 3 and have developed it since to fill out the body of work. Therefore my practice leading up to Assignment 4 has been a continuation of where I was going since Assignment 3 with a clear strategy now employed.

There is some sense of progression across the diptychs and this is established in how far along the locations shown are in terms of development. For instance, some locations are undergoing development while other have become completely gentrified after their regeneration. I have decided to sequence the diptychs in a way that suggests something of this development over time.

I’ve paid attention to how I incorporate text alongside my images by extensively investigating and experimenting with text in relation to image. This can be seen in the following four posts:

Showing Not Telling

Showing Not Telling Using Google Maps/Street View

Showing Not Telling – Text and Image to Form Diegesis

Showing Not Telling – Poetry and Image Forming a Diegesis

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