L3 Study Hangout – 16/12/2019

On the 16th December 2019, I attended a Level 3 specific study hangout aimed at showing how theory and practice sides of Level 3 are integrated by building upon what we had learnt in the first study hangout on 24th October 2019. The focus this time was sharing our particular case studies for our projects along with what we think are our grand narratives to the rest of the group.

Since the last study presentation, I’ve developed my question or proposal by first establishing a grand narrative (change). I did this by looking at the details of what interested me in Deptford and why I’d chosen regeneration as a subject. From this I gained insight into my project by realising small, insubstantial changes have an effect on the place which is also part of the grand narrative. These changes interact with regeneration in Deptford which could be extrapolated to many other areas in cities in Britain. Therefore I established Deptford is my muse for change rather than the subject of my project. I’ve developed a technique in my photography which I felt demonstrates these changes occurring.

I found this development of what we had established in the first study hangout to be beneficial in understanding where my project is going. By sharing the short presentation above with the group I was then able to respond to questions or comments by the other attendees as well as the tutors leading the group. This made me think about possible downfalls of the rationale behind my project. With regards to Contextual Studies in particular where I had just finished the literature review, I have realised through the hangout there are gaps my literature review doesn’t fully cover. Specifically how my photographic approach relates to regeneration. Although I have found a project by Chris Dorley-Brown called Continuum (1979-2014), I potentially need more theory to show how photography is transmutable into concepts like regeneration. Perhaps I should be conducting some theory research into semiotics?

Another encouraging element of the hangout was the tutors leading the hangout explained theory can seem elitist but there are ways of making it more accessible (like podcasts for example). I myself do find reading long essays with inaccessible words quite taxing but other media like podcasts or films sounds encouraging. The tutors were adamant too that within the aforementioned essays, the ideas can seem dense but theory is there to help and clarify, rather than to obscure.

I found sharing as well as listening to others’ projects was very useful because their ways of learning were different and diverse. For example one student used mind maps extensively in the planning of their project while another student was much more hands on, experimenting as they went along. I look forward to attending the next hangout if possible and I am interested to see where the other students projects have developed since the 16th December 2019.


Dorley-Brown, C. (1979-2014) Continuum. At: https://modrex.com/photoworks#/continuum/ (Accessed 05/01/2020).

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