WiP #7

Ironically, as I walked away from another composite shooting session, I was inwardly quite disappointed with how it had gone. I had waited patiently for about an hour once I had set the tripod up correctly (which had taken another quarter of an hour), for people to pass the scene but only two had crossed by the time I was waiting. I feel there are two lessons I have learnt from a practical perspective about the session going forwards which turned out to be quite positive in the end.

The first lesson is that although it seemed to me I hadn’t arrived at a strong image and was quite dispirited at the time, sometimes less is more in terms of composition and I had also forgotten to wait and see at the processing/editing stage how it would turn out. Despite only two people crossing the scene, these two were quite interesting and they worked well in the scene once composited into it. The mood of the scene was already quite sombre because of the foggy conditions and these characters enhanced this mood. I feel the balance of the image is good, with the two figures narrowly either side of the new sign in the scene, highlighting something had changed. The placement of the people in this scene also mirrored two of the people within the original composite so it is consistent with what I have been experimenting with since Assignment 3.

4. 51º28'45.969"N 0º1'0.459"W, July 2019
51º28’45.969″N 0º1’0.459″W, July 2019
WiP - 51º28'45.969"N 0º1'0.459"W, December 2019
WiP – 51º28’45.969″N 0º1’0.459″W, December 2019

The second lesson is that I need some way of referencing where to put my tripod and how tall the legs of the tripod were at the time I made the previous composites. The time it takes setting up the tripod is influenced by having a general idea of the placement and height of the tripod and attention to comparing the original RAW file and the image on the back of the LCD screen of the scene as it is now. I must admit I missed people passing by the scene which might have given me more choice once editing the composite. I have now decided to make a note of the tripod placement/height for each location going forwards to mitigate the set up process.

WiP - 51º28'45.969"N 0º1'0.459"W, December 2019 - 1st Attempt
WiP – 51º28’45.969″N 0º1’0.459″W, December 2019 – 1st Attempt

I processed two versions of the composite so I could choose which one worked best. The two people were placed similarly but in reverse between the two versions so it was really down to which order they appeared and how they were walking that made up my preference. I like the version where the man walking the dog is staring right at the camera. I feel it adds character to the image and contrasts the other man, who appears keeping his head down, apparently in a rush.

WiP - 51º28'45.969"N 0º1'0.459"W - Diptych
WiP – 51º28’45.969″N 0º1’0.459″W – Diptych

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