WiP #6

After establishing some of the approaches that made the composite technique stand out in WiP #’s 2-5 and culminating in Assignment 3, I aim to start photographing other locations using these approaches. The 2 approaches I thought worked best were the kinds covered in WiP #4 and WiP #5. These comprised grouping the people centrally and tightly in the final composite to accentuate the surroundings more as well as inviting the viewer to wonder why/how they were all so tightly grouped (WiP #4). Also in WiP #5 I experimented with positioning the people making up the new composite appear in the same (or as similar as possible) positions as the people making up the original composite.

For WiP #6 I have concentrated on positioning the people the same, although because of the amount of images I shot for each of the locations, I have enough raw material to cover the approach of grouping people tightly in the centre of the frame.

9. 51º28'42.228"N 0º1'36.971"W, June 2019
9. 51º28’42.228″N 0º1’36.971″W, June 2019
51º28'42.228"N 0º1'36.971"W, December 2019 - 2nd Attempt
51º28’42.228″N 0º1’36.971″W, December 2019 – 2nd Attempt

Since I had visited the 1st of these locations, winter had arrived so the major difference was that there was a lot less greenery. However, by looking closer it is possible to see that a letting sign (under one of the railway arches) has been removed which for me is a sign of regeneration. If it has been bought by a shop or startup, it will be interesting to see how this change develops visually in my images. Another change was of course the people; a different set of people are now crossing Deptford Market Yard yet they all are somehow in very similar positions to the original composite! In my opinion this invites the viewer to look for other, less obvious changes like the set of chairs and tables of one cafe have been replaced by another set.

51º28'42.228"N 0º1'36.971"W, December 2019 - 1st Attempt
51º28’42.228″N 0º1’36.971″W, December 2019 – 1st Attempt

Incidentally, I did include someone in a red jacket to the far right of the frame in my first edit for this composite. However, since I don’t feel it adds any compositional balance or extra meaning to the image as was intended I omitted the figure from the final edit.

10. 51º28'40.765"N 0º1'36.401"W, June 2019
10. 51º28’40.765″N 0º1’36.401″W, June 2019
51º28'40.765"N 0º1'36.401"W, December 2019
51º28’40.765″N 0º1’36.401″W, December 2019

In the 2nd location, the main difference that was immediately noticeable to me at least was the addition of a billboard, where before there had only been a ghost sign. Admittedly, I knew about this change before I photographed it; I had seen a billboard was back up while passing through Deptford. I say ‘back’ up because there had already been a billboard up before the original composite was taken but it must have been taken down some way or for some reason before I had a chance to create a photograph. What I had not been prepared for was the content of this new billboard; the fact it was advertising selling or renting property seemed very appropriate for ‘regenerated Deptford’.

I kept the positioning of the people similar to the original which invited the viewer to look closer, showing off smaller changes. These included there being less foliage, the bulb lights being off when before they had been on and a shop being open where before it had been closed. The latter wasn’t a sign of larger-scale development but rather everyday change. I feel it still was a nice touch for how Deptford changes day to day in contrast to the large-scale regeneration evident in the billboard.

WiP #6 - 51º28'42.228"N 0º1'36.971"W Diptych
WiP #6 – 51º28’42.228″N 0º1’36.971″W Diptych
WiP#6 - 51º28'40.765"N 0º1'36.401"W Diptych
WiP#6 – 51º28’40.765″N 0º1’36.401″W Diptych

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