Self-assessment for Assignment 3

In this self-assessment for Assignment 3 I will evaluate how I feel my work produced for the assignment holds up against the following 4 criteria for assessment: Demonstration of technical and visual skills, Quality of outcome, Demonstration of creativity and Context.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

The materials I’ve used again aren’t special; I have stuck to straight photography but implemented the same composite technique I used for Assignment 2. However, I’ve built upon this technique by using another technique: rephotography. Here, I have returned to two locations multiple times to rephotograph the scenes while still using the composite technique. To rephotograph the scene has been a learning process which at first I found quite difficult but since have improved on. I’ve found it important to rephotograph the locations from as similar a framing as possible in order for the viewer to immerse themselves in any changes that may have occurred since the last composite image was taken. As well as showing these observational skills and visual awareness, I tried to experiment with my compositional skills. This is most obviously appreciable in the post WIP #4.

Quality of outcome:

With the introduction of a Work in Progress to my blog in addition to the many links between relevant posts in the blog, I feel my work is presented in a coherent manner. The Work in Progress has also helped immensely with my conceptualisation of thoughts and communication of ideas. These two points have helped me to get a better idea of where my project is going and increase my content output.

Demonstration of creativity:

It wasn’t in my imagination to combine a composite approach with rephotography but I think by experimentation I was able to arrive at this point. I think the addition of rephotography adds to the project because it helps to show change in a compelling way. My personal voice is still there with the combination of factors like the composite approach, the cloudy lighting, the juxtaposition of contrasting elements and the grand viewpoints. Experimentation has been key to this assignment. I have tried different strategies to arrange people within the two scenes and arrived a few strategies which work well.


Within my Work in Progress posts I have reflected, researched and thought critically about where my project is going. In WIP #4, I researched and was inspired by the work of Chris Dorley-Brown with The Corners (2009-17).


Dorley-Brown, C. (2009-17) The Corners. At: (Accessed 28/11/2019).

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