Reflection on Assignment 3

I feel Assignment 3 and the work leading up to it has been a useful process. By introducing a Work in Progress tab on my blog, I was able to incrementally update my ideas for the experimentation with people in the scene. This not only gave the viewers of the blog a better notion of how the project was developing but also myself.

I have reflected on Chance and how it is utilised and played upon in my project. People and the fact I don’t know what they will look like when they come into the view of my camera is the main way chance is implemented in my project. I play upon this fact by rearranging the people in the scene through the use of a digital composite technique. I do this so a narrative between the different people who were there at the same place but there at different times can begin to pan out.

I think my work is now a hybrid of the documentary style as well as tableau, where the ‘stage’ or the scene of my photographs have been constructed in that people have been arranged within that stage. I have tried to keep this staging realistic for the most part although I have introduced little indicators that something is out of the ordinary within the scene. I feel the balance between realism and staging is key to making the images compelling for the viewer.

One area I could improve on is linking my work to Contextual Studies. I have been concentrating on my literature review for Contextual Studies which is why there hasn’t been much integration over this assignment. However, I have attended some study visits and hangouts that have helped with both my Body of Work and Contextual Studies.

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