WIP #5

This was an experiment I had been meaning to try out for some time but just hadn’t got around to. It again comprises of arranging people within the scene but this time relies on the relationship with another composite from the same location. My aim when making this composite is to have the people moving through the scene frozen at the same points other people were photographed in the other composite.

In practice, this technique was hard to carry out but I think the results were worth it. In the composites I’ve posted below I managed to get the majority of the people in roughly the right places. However, I had difficulty with the people standing on the wall of the original composite because that isn’t a phenomenon that happens very often! Also the moped had to be replaced with a bicycle because motor vehicles are no longer allowed down that pathway and similar things applied with the dog walker and cyclist. Although I made all these replacements, when the composites are viewed in a diptych, it has the effect of making the viewer look again because the people are so similarly positioned. It creates a kind of illusion that the same image has been captured twice, while in fact there are many differences. The inclusion of the Docklands Light Railway train in the distance at the same position in both composites helps with this illusion.

Vertical Diptych of Composites in the Same Location
Vertical Diptych of Composites in the Same Location

I am not altogether sure whether the vertical diptych or horizontal diptych works best, although I am leaning towards the vertical one. My reasoning for this is that the illusion of looking at the same image again is slightly more powerful for this version. I have included both so that it is possible for the viewer to make up their own mind.

Horizontal Diptych of Composites in the Same Location
Horizontal Diptych of Composites in the Same Location

Overall this experiment went well though I was only able to try it out on one of the two locations I was hoping to photograph at. At the other location a van was blocking the view where people would usually cross the view of the camera.

A Snapshot of Van Blocking the View Where People Would Usually Cross the View of the Camera
A Snapshot of Van Blocking the View Where People Would Usually Cross the View of the Camera

As a visual strategy in a triptych or grid of composites, I can see it working well. I don’t think it would work so well if all the composites exhibited this trend. I feel it would look very visually compelling for anyone viewing a grid of four images like this. However, I could see that a narrative might begin to run through the work as a whole that might read something like: ‘everyone’s the same but different’. Although this is an interesting statement and probably quite true, my intention for the project at the moment is to show how large-scale change like regeneration filters down to everyday change. Therefore I would probably only include two composites in a grid of four that show people in the same positions. I do plan to confer with my tutor about this in my upcoming Assignment 3 review.

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