Self-evaluation for Assignment 1

This is my first assignment for Body of Work and here I’ve noted how I think I’ve done against assessment criteria. I will try to assess myself based on the body of photographs produced so far even though the last photograph I made differs from the others significantly.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

Technically I would say my images falling under the ‘straight’ photography category were quite sound and I tried to pay the same amount of attention to the last photograph as well, even though it was more conceptual. I shot with film at the start of going out photographing which taught me to slow down more so my observational skills were quite well tuned when I switched to digital. Concerning materials used for the last photograph of Assignment 1 (Photograph 17), I had to print on to thick printing paper and mount that on to this art paper so that it could be hung. Then it was possible for me to play with the tessellating print by cutting a hole in the print. When making the smaller tessellating print match with the hole in the original print for the final photograph, I had to be very aware on the viewfinder linked to my smartphone that the bricks on the wall lined up so an illusion was created. As well as this I experimented with depth of field so that the illusion wasn’t perfect but passable.

Quality of outcome:

At this early stage in my body of work I feel the content wasn’t very consistent in style but I think this is understandable as I am trying things out. The conceptualisation of thoughts got better as I went along though and this coincided with my theory based work in Contextual Studies.

Demonstration of creativity:

Although the straight photography was quite safe I tried to use imaginative compositions to make the work more creative. However, with Photograph 17 – Assignment 1, I would suggest I was much more creative. It took a lot of imagination and conceptualisation to come up with the idea and then a bit of experimentation to carry it out. If my personal voice is coming through it would either be in the series of straight photographs and their relationship to one another but is more likely in my opinion to be evident in Photograph 17 – Assignment 1.


Here, I used my Contextual Studies to inform my practical Body of Work better as I went along. Also I referenced the artists who were influencing me for the straight photographs as well as Photograph 17 – Assignment 1. In my reflection I identified there were 2 different styles evident in my work and suggested where my work could go moving forwards.

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